The advent of computers changed just about everything in this new age of civilisation. It dawned upon mankind as a blessing from God and gave them immense capabilities to change the way our world is seen through different eyes. Computers have made life easier and smarter and not only confined to just that, but they have also been instrumental to raise our standards of living quite satisfyingly. Today, every form of work involves computers even on the minutest level and we have never stopped to incorporate such wonderful machines in every aspect of our lives starting from banking to medicine.

The human mind is a container of powerful ideas and emotions. It is influenced by thoughts and ideas and it is these ideas that have come to change the world. But as time has passed by, our intelligence has developed manifold allowing us to build even smarter computers that have been assigned to train more humans to be skilful in a particular line of work.

But then there is a question. How can a user understand what the computer is trying to communicate or what information the computer is trying to convey? How can a computer train a human? How can a computer tell us the thing we are looking for? What should be the medium of such information exchange? This is similar to the situation where we have been taught by our parents how to react to a particular situation. To be able to establish efficient communication between a computer and a human, there has to be a common ground for both the computer and user where the information exchange takes place. This common ground has come to be called as interface. An interface is the medium of communication between a user and a machine. An interface allows the user to understand the data displayed by the computer. Rather, we could also say that an interface allows a computer to communicate with a user viably. If we were to be asked the use of an interface, then possibly the previous few lines that define the term ‘interface’, come to be self-explanatory in this regard.

Because communication is the single most important pillar of exchange of information between human and that between a human and a machine as well.

A user interface facilitates a human-machine control system to be setup wherein a human is able to figure out what the computer is trying to make us understand and the computer is also able to react to a human's query or request. Since an interface forms the backbone of this all important machine-human interaction, it is one of the most important aspects of designing.

On the other hand, UX refers to user experience. This aspect aims to refine the interaction between a machine and a computer. In other words, UX is aimed to make the user interactions more efficient and easy such that the ease of communication is further simplified.

In a world of diverse multimedia, the uses of UI and UX are endless and unbounded. At HexaLearn, this limitless potential of UI and UX has been identified extensively and thoroughly worked upon. Not only are we qualified enough to perform rigorous designing in UI and UX multimedia, but also are competent enough to maintain premium quality of the design product delivered within the stipulated time period. This has set us apart distinguishably from other potential companies in the same field.

HexaLearn is committed to building user friendly interfaces and design UX multimedia in such a manner that the Client’s expectations are met to the brim. Building a good design product is nonetheless challenging given the stiff competition in the stream of multimedia. However, competition doesn’t deter us to keep delivering without fail. Our precise sense of understanding of user interface design and UX design allows us to hire the right kind of professionals that are sincere to their work and true to maintaining optimum quality.

UI design involves some intricate aspects such as user task analysis, information architecture; usability testing & inspection, graphical UI design etc that collectively make the design process a cumbersome one. Similarly, UX multimedia design includes critical components such as visual design, navigation design, structuring, finding and managing most of which involve refining the already existing designs. At HexaLearn, we maintain a strong benchmark of designing that aims to simplify the user experience on various accounts such as ease of access, usability, integrity of the design etc. Our designs are some of the best that are available in the market and in addition to that, is also an added assurance of precise and on time deliverance of the intended design product.

UI and UX multimedia have tremendous potential for business and communication. A good UI/UX design may fetch you the best of profits in the form of satisfied users while improper designs may land the ship in the wrong direction. Nevertheless, HexaLearn is keen to work with you at all times and we expect you to allow us to help you satisfy your requirements feasibly and efficiently.