E-Learning/SCORM & AICC

At HexaLearn we not only hire good professionals and get them started on work. We ensure that we spend a good amount of time & money to make them understand the technical nuances of E-Learning standards, tools, templates, & platforms. This approach has enabled each of our team members understand what is SCORM & AICC and how do we create SCORM & AICC compliant modules. For many, SCORM & AICC are just some standards or terms but at HexaLearn we treat those as the critical concepts over which the edifice of high-quality design & functionality is build.

We have been helping clients based out of US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world with integrated E-Learning solutions including custom E-Learning, SCORM & AICC, blended learning, flash to html, audio/video, translations and conversions. At HexaLearn, SCORM & AICC compliant E-Learning module creation is considered as the core of our E-Learning services.


Our SCORM E-Learning services help integrate content into any SCORM/AICC compliant Learning Management System (LMS) and allow this integration to happen seamlessly. Our SCORM E-Learning services have been created to provide a way to approach all kinds of decisions involved in delivering E-Learning. All our clients receive unique and personalized service.

We provide dedicated professional to take care of the project requirements. The SCORM/AICC compliant deliverables help your LMS and learning content speak to each other seamlessly and thereby making all kinds of reporting & tracking possible.