E-Learning/Flash to HTML

HexaLearn's E-Learning team has the experience of creating engaging content by use of Flash & HTML5 as well. Our expertise in both these areas enables us to convert Flash based content to HTML content at absolute ease. With the advent of handheld and smart devices, the need for HTML content is growing rapidly.

We at HexaLearn not only understand that trend but we have gone a step further by converting legacy simple & complex Flash based content to very effective HTML based content. Our strategies revolves around the requirements & the limitations that each client or organization has. We do strategize around those expectations and come up with solutions that makes the clients business endeavor a success.

With HexaLearn you can be assured that our range of services would be well handled & well managed. With newer devices and platforms coming into the fray, the demand for HTML based content with highly interactive elements have become a necessity for the most extensive audience possible.


Leverage our Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services for creating animations and interactivity. Our Flash to HTM conversion services offers you to leverage the legacy flash animations and interactions while transitioning to a cross browser/device platform. HTML5 as it's knows is a cross-platform technology.

Having worked with many clients on conversion projects, we are adept at understanding the requirements and the technical nuances around it. So our skills coupled with our experience has helped us provide conversion solutions that beats your expectations. Our focus is to hear your pain areas and then come up with a solution to help you reach your business goals. It's not just the use of tools & templates that makes Flash to HTML conversion a success.

We at HexaLearn believe that it is more to do with the overall approach and the creativity around the solutions that makes the entire project a success. To experience success in your conversion project, please feel free to get in touch with our team for a proof-of-concept that we can happily offer as a free-of-cost demonstration of our skills & quality.