Thinking of a portal, a website, an application or any IT system - in addition to having an effective & appealing UI/UX, navigational ease, etc. one must focus on having a very well designed and robust database. Every aspect of data that is required from the perspective of business analysis, business growth, compliance, etc. needs to be stored easily and securely. And that is done by having a great database.

We at HexaLearn have the experience and the passion to create very effective database to manage your storing, tracking & reporting aspects. We do understand the need to create reports on the go, fetch data from the data on the we ensure that we keep it simple and effective. And keeping it simple & effective requires technical expertise.

At HexaLearn, we design, develop and manage database systems. We are a go-to organization for any database migration requirement. If there is a need to upgrade the legacy database then we work with our clients in a very collaborative manner to understand the wish-list and then we implement changes that ensures our client is satisfied with the outcome.


We help our clients know the advantage and disadvantage of each database platform. We provide a comparative analysis of the various database options and then work with our clients to help choose/select the best database option that fulfills their unique business requirements. Very rarely a client can meet all their database requirements without customization. So that's when HexaLearn's exposure & experience plays a vital role in building those customized elements. Unique client requirements can range from support unique workflow, integrating external applications, etc.

HexaLearn is an E-Learning and software solutions company that provides applications and databases that improve overall business productivity and profitability of organizations. Whether you have the requirement to build a database from scratch, migrate from the current/existing database, upgrade the current/existing database, add new features or customize existing features...we do it all.

We are just an email ( away to offer our services. So why worry...just drop us an email and we will partner with you to get the work done within your parameters.